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“Do it once; Do it right” – sounds like stating the obvious. But why so many companies still fail to do so?

In a fast paced world we are living, time is a valuable resource and none of us have a privilege to waste it. You can’t waste your time and obviously you are not in a position to waste someone else’s either.

So in a situation where you are failing to provide a service the first time you are forcing someone to devote you more of their time. This obviously leads to an unsatisfied client. And few of us know that 1 unsatisfied client can cost you 9 potential new clients. Do we really have a privilege of an unsatisfied client?

On the other hand failing to provide the first time fix will require an average of 1.6 dispatches to complete the service. If you look from the point that average dispatch costs from $200-$600 you get a clear picture how providing a service easily turns from a profit to cost center.

In order to provide a quality service companies have to be more efficient and proactive than ever. This is one of the main reasons why field service companies are enhancing technology. From a use of smartphones, tablets and smart watches in the field to a growing market of field service management solutions everything states that now more than ever companies are striving to success and they are backed up with technology.

Empowering your company and its field workforce with the right tools you are leaving no space for pitfalls in providing a first time fix. Imagine it as a date – first impression is all it matters and first time fix is that impression in field service.

Do you have the right tools to sweep your clients off their feet?

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