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Have you become your job ? When did you last hear yourself saying: “I’m an administrator”, “an electrician”, or “a journalist”?

In primary school you were probably asked what you wanted to be when you grow up and most of us have been doing it ever since. But don’t you have a life outside of work as well? Aren’t you a person first, a son or daughter, a friend, and perhaps an athlete, a musician, a painter or whatever it is that you do in your spare time.

It’s good to be proud of what you do from 9 to 5 but don’t let that job define how you live. As soon as you label yourself you start to believe what you say. Even if you’re the best budding lawyer or the biggest earning tradesman you need your own identity outside of work. Remember, your job is what you do, not who you are as a person.

Ones I heard a story from a women that changed her business after she realised that her job change her life the way she didn’t exist anymore.

When she started working towards a life of freedom a year ago and dared to set her sights on her dreams, she never imagined she will be here where she is today.
Imagine a career woman, a high flyer, rising quickly from an Office Manager to the Head of Human Resources for a fast growing, successful business, going from strength to strength.

She was living the dream, earning more than enough money to make sure she could buy whatever, and she finally became a success at long last.

Yet today, the story is the complete opposite. She is a cleaner. She works part-time seven days a week, cleaning and clearing up after other people. She work for minimum wage and she work physically hard every single day.

She said to me that she thought that if she just make it somehow, and prove it to everyone that because she was working in London fifty hours a week, that she deserves to get the respect she always wanted. She was completely and utterly defined by her career. Without the job, the status, and money she would be nothing, a ‘nobody,’ and who wants to be that?

One day she just quit. It was too stressful ,it was life numbing work, killing her from the inside out. She knew she no longer wanted to work for someone else’s dreams.

“ It took me a long time to realize that my work didn’t have to define me. All that mattered was that I could pay my bills, which was the only reason for doing this. The fact that everyone else saw me as just a cleaner didn’t mean a thing; they could think what they wanted.

I was the only one who knew the truth. I didn’t have to justify myself to anyone anymore.

It was so liberating” .. she said .

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