The Best Business Management Software Solution for Field Service Businesses

Clients Management


FieldSkill is a platform for daily collaboration between you, your field staff and your clients. It is a simple CRM with detailed information about your clients, their properties and assets you manage, job history and all future tasks. It provides a detailed insight into the frequency of jobs, a drill-down of costs of your work, the frequency and resolvement of requests.

Be you in the office or field, you will always have the overview of your clients:

  • requests
  • properties
  • assets
  • previous & future jobs
  • scheduled tasks
  • costs
  • paid & outstanding invoices


Successful scheduling and prioritizing kickstarts your business with a client. To respond to your client’s request quickly – jump to your beautifully designed calendar, check availability of your staff, assign & dispatch the right people to cover specific services. Do all this in 5 secs without leaving the app!

In this module you can:

  • schedule jobs
  • recurring jobs
  • dispatch workers
  • create job tasks
  • assign vendors and partners
  • track analytics
  • generate invoice based on finished jobs


Once done, work is submitted through work records. Your staff fills in the details about clients, their assets, services provided, time spent on a job, all expenses and inventory items used. This gives you a much clearer picture of your processes and leaves enough space for improvements and savings. In the end, you can easily generate invoices based on work records.

In this module you can:

  • track work, time & costs
  • track materials and spare parts used for each service
  • capture clients’ electronic signature


FieldSkill provides support for your business by focusing on quality information in your clients’ asset records. To manage their assets successfully, perform regular maintenance and occasional services on their properties, equipment, vehicles and machines – your field staff is aided by the knowledge base you created over time. They can access these records via their smart phones or tablets while working outside the office.

Asset records include:

  • information about an asset and members of your workforce assigned to handle it
  • jobs performed and related costs
  • rich text descriptions
  • categorization of assets
  • manufacturer & warranty information
  • instruction guides
  • QR codes to scan and access asset records in the field


Sometimes your know-how is not quite enough to perform a service. This is where your partners, contractors and vendors step in. With FieldSkill You can easily manage a list of all companies you’re doing business with and simply introduce them to your workflow when they are needed. Assign an entire job or just a number of activities to as many as needed. Record their work and your costs in a work record.

Manage collaboration:

  • list vendors
  • track jobs/tasks where partners were involved
  • track frequency of partners’ engagement
  • track costs


Know your inventory, never guess! FieldSkill keeps track of your inventory in real time, notifying you when the quantity of items drops under a specified level. You can categorize your inventory items any way it suits you. Using any items from inventory, your staff will reference it in a work record by a single click in the app. This will prevent you from ever being short on necessary equipment and spare parts.

The same as with inventory, you can input your standard services, describe them and include the price for referencing in work records.

Referencing of inventory and services made easy by:

  • customized inventory & services
  • bulk & serialized inventory items
  • reference items & services in your work orders
  • quantity tracking
  • minimum quantity email notifications


FieldSkill provides an intuitive interface for client requests. It takes just a few clicks to create request, schedule a job, list all tasks related and assign one or more of your staff members to handle it. Analyzing trends in client requests, pain points and problems is crucial for business planning and improvements. FieldSkill provides quick insight into the nature of requests and their outcome per client, his or her assets or properties.

Easily manage all tasks related to your clients:

  • create request or edit the one that client himself created via Portal
  • schedule a job
  • add tasks & explanations
  • assign staff
  • track costs


Customer portal is your communication highway to customers. It’s a specialized portal where they can log in to their accounts using mobile phones and request your service. No need to install any apps, they only need Internet connection. Additionally, they can track the history of services, the status of their assets and properties and other relevant information.

The communication that happens inside the app, stays in the app! So you can always go back to the description of a problem and react accordingly while working in the field.

The main features of Customer Portal:

  • submit requests
  • track all done and scheduled jobs
  • insight into all related properties, assets, requests, jobs and invoices
  • put electronic signature to work records
  • simplified collaboration
  • feedback & rating enabled


Our clients say that the best part of their job is getting paid for the services they provided. We try to make that easy for them by enabling them to create Invoice in just a few clicks. Invoices are generated based on finished Work records, but they are always open for manual modifications before sending.

  • generate invoice
  • track sent invoices
  • track outstanding balance
  • paste your logo


Organize your warehouse the way that works best for you and reference all items into FieldSkill. Find items in seconds by their reference numbers or locations. Easy tracking saves time and keeps you organized. No more searching, missing or lost items, your warehouse is finally under control.

  • reference all inventory items in a warehouse
  • quickly track and locate every item

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