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As many experts predict – 2015 is going to be the year of “the cloud”! Our personal and business apps & storages have already took off for the atmosphere in the year behind us, but with the rise of mobile devices and apps, this transfer toward cloud solutions will only get stronger in the future.

So, why are cloud solutions so popular and how can you use them to improve your field service business?


First of all, you can bypass the cost of implementation and installation without compromising on the quality of solution. Most SMEs are giving up on software automation of their business due to a lack of initial funding. This leads to poor management, reporting, and analyses, and results in them being run over by large corporations eventually. With SaaS (software as a service) in the cloud you can manage your small business like a pro and spend such an incredibly small amount of money on a monthly basis that you wouldn’t even notice.


Basically all cloud solutions function on the basis of small subscription fee paid per user per month. This means that you can stop using them anytime. All you need to do is stop paying subscription. On the other hand, this also means that the team behind the solution will work hard until the rest of their days (or at least as long as there are users to serve) to constantly improve the software and retain happy customers. The freedom it gives you is priceless, as well as opportunities!


As SaaS is usually meant to serve a wide range of users with different levels of IT knowledge and skills, the ease of use is a must in each and every one of them! This means that your field service technicians and other workers need not worry about not being able to use cloud software. On the contrary, they can operate it as easily as their Facebook account and although they might resist in the beginning, they will surely grow to appreciate it over time and get used to having all necessary information at hand while working in the field.


One of the most prominent advantages of having your field service business in the cloud is the possibility to access relevant information from anywhere, anytime you need to. You can therefore manage your business easily and have a great overview of the situation in your company at any given moment, without the need to be present in the office. The same goes for your team – they are empowered to do a quality service in the field by accessing your customer data on the spot.

To sum up, most of us who are managing small and medium enterprises would welcome the era of cloud computing as our only (and possibly the best) way to automate of our businesses. This, in turn, opens a whole new world of managing, cost control, customer relationship building and many other opportunities. With Google as the main supporter of “cloud”, some experts speculate that all software solutions will move to the cloud eventually.

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