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Today we have an opportunity to read all kind of blog posts on different topics. Usually I read business blogs and I always find great ones, full of insights and useful resources that are very valuable to me. But I often run to the same old problem.

Content of this kind is very often difficult to read.

According to some research there are 3 million new blog posts every day, so there is no shortage of content with which to occupy our time. Personally I always like to try new blogs and newsletters, but I find myself always going back to the same blogs. Why? Because of one simple reason – their readability.

From your readers perspective their time is limited and anything you produce should respect their time. They definitely won’t read blogs that are difficult and complicate. It’s very important to know that this is not about how long is a blog post, it is about the quality of content. You can have a very long blog post but if it is easy to read your readers will not even notice how long it is. On the other hand many short blog post are so difficult to read that you have a feeling that they will never end.

The most important part for your blog to be readable is that it’s getting your readers attention. You have to accomplish this with your headline. Interesting fact is that eight out of ten people will read your headline and just two out of ten will read the rest. So if you don’t attract them with your headline your all effort is wasted. Headline is your first impression that people use to judge what is inside. So it always has to be clear, create curiosity and have a value.

Content in your blog post is something that has your seal on it. This part of your blog post has to have something that will represent you, your business or something that you are interested in. When you write about something that you love, readers feel it in your blog. So the best advice is to pick your blog audience and write about something that you love and they will worship. It is always easy to read something that you love and are interested in.

Last chapter of the blog is like your headline, needs to have something that will intrigue them to come back. If you want your readers to keep coming back you must leave a good impression on them. Also a good thing is to include them in your blog in the way that they can leave comments or answer a question that you included in your last chapter.

For example, if you have topics that you would like to know more about you can write to us and maybe we can create a great blog post for you.

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