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There are times in life when you make decisions or settle an agreement that in no way agree with your goals or desires. By the time you’re shaking hands to confirm the deal, or you’re putting your decision into action, you start wondering why you proceeded in this move, as before doing so, you had a totally different opinion about that. And this makes you really angry.

Making difficult decisions, sometimes, can be quite stressful and will often evoke a strong emotional reaction within us, which in turn can skewer our perspective, blur our choices and make it difficult for us to determine the best way forward.


Many people don’t realise the importance of decision making.

But in fact, your whole life is determined by the decisions you make, whether big or small. The thought of having to decide makes some people groan in agony, others get busy with something so as not to have to think about it. And others leave it until the last minute, trying to convince others (and especially themselves) that they think better under pressure!

The key to making confident decisions lies in your ability to balance your intuition with rationality. Your head with your heart. It is helpful to apply a simple structure to the decision-making process so you can apply these skills more effectively.

Most important thing for making a good decision is to leave the stress and pressure out! Confidence is being able to choose your behaviour with implicit trust in that behaviour – not in the outcome of that behaviour. That means that whatever happens you get to make a new decision and trust your behaviour once more. You always get to choose all over again. There’s always room for another choice; there’s always the capacity to make a new decision. How’s that for taking the pressure off?

Give your decision a topic name. Once you have a topic title you can factor time into your day for sitting down and giving your decision the full attention it deserves.

Identify what your true values in life are. Your values are the drivers behind all of your decisions and it is helpful to know exactly what they are.

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