How to Measure Customer Feedback as Your True KPI?

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KPIs stand for Key Performance Indicators which include various metrics and analyses of company’s success. These metrics are then used to support decision making and business planning processes. Currently, most companies are either lost in metrics and/or are lacking the information necessary to derive the KPIs that are vital for success. In both cases, businesses suffer from disorientation, useless expenditures and bad decisions.

You are running a business and want to understand how well the business is performing. The only way to do this is to select the KPIs and use metrics to judge whether your business is doing well or not. Inevitably, the first and foremost KPI for any given business is customer satisfaction. The logic behind this is pretty simple – no customers, no business! If you are in the service industry your performance depends exclusively on your good relationship with customers.


Field Service businesses are those that suffer the most from a lack of measurable data. The only real contact with customers happens in the field. So, your access to customer feedback boils down to what your field staff cares to share with you. Usually, this information is communicated orally and no data are saved and treasured for further analyses. Furthermore, even if the service was very unsatisfactory for the customer, your field staff would probably rather not tell you about it. So, how can you change this?

Use Software

There are many software solutions that could help you manage your field service business in general, but not all of them can help you enhance your relationship with customers. FieldSkill can do that with great success!

With Customer Portal module, you can easily add all your customers to your company’s account. By giving them the access to your portal, they get involved in your business. They can:

  • submit and track requests for service,
  • report emergency,
  • chat with their assigned technicians,
  • ask for help or advice and,
  • leave feedback on the service they received.

Your quick response, helpfulness and availability will surely be much appreciated. By enabling your customers to reach you easily and express their opinion about your service, you will have the ultimate access to your true KPI –  your customers’ feedback!

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