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Some goals feel so out of reach, that figuring out how to achieve them seems impossible. But in reality, everything in life is accomplished exactly the same way: one step at a time.

One of the best things you can do for your professional reputation and sense of self is to set and meet deadlines. It’s also the only way you’ll reach your goals.

Deadlines stress us out, and even the best-laid plans get messy. But with a little effort, you can become a dependable, respectable professional who is admired for always being on time and achieving their dreams.

Here are some tips to make your deadlines on time. These will help you understand every step that you have to pass if you want to never miss your deadline again.

Know how much time it takes to finish a job

I know that this seems obvious, but very few entrepreneurs understand the importance of this competency. Just remember you live in the real world where there’s just one of you, one of each worker involved, and a finite number of working hours in a week. Don’t laugh, you’d be amazed how many people screw that up.

Learn the right way to manage time

The surprising reason why many of us fail to manage time, is that we only think we’re managing time. But the truth is, we usually manage people, or tasks, or both.This is what most managers do: They make a list of tasks, then ask employees to asses how long each task will take them. Then, they set the due dates based on those evaluations.

In theory this would work, but in practice not so much. You see assessments are in most cases inaccurate. This is because when people try to estimate how long it will take for them to finish a job, no one takes in could all the things that could go wrong. It takes time and experience to be able to make the right assessments,  and in most cases they will never be 100% right.

Give yourself more time

You’ll never miss a deadline if you allow yourself more time than you actually need to complete a given task or project. Commit twice as much time as you think you’ll need when planning to meet your deadline. That way, when the inevitable pops up, you’ll still have plenty of time to finish what needs to get done.

Never move your deadline

So you checked how things are doing at the end of the first day, and you found out you’re already falling behind. Which means, you won’t make the two weeks deadline, and so you won’t make the two months deadline.So you decide to move the deadline. Don’t do that!

Why not? Because if you move the deadline each time there’s a setback, that means you’re not meeting the deadline. That’s why you checked in at the end of the first day. At this point you’re only one day behind. So work harder tomorrow, and make sure at the end of that day that you’re back on track. If worst comes to worst, remove a task. But never push the deadline.

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