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When does it make sense to be an early adopter of technology? It depends how much you are willing to risk. As an individual, if you buy a new smartphone or tablet computer and figure out that your shiny new gadget isn’t exactly what you needed, the worst that can happen is you’re out a few hundred dollars and feel frustrated or disappointed.  For a business, the stakes are much higher. Jump on the right technology bandwagon and you may be commended for having the vision to lead the company to the next level, choose the wrong technology and you could put the company’s entire data, technology, and communication infrastructure in jeopardy.

So how does a business person determine when it makes sense to be an early adopter of technology, and when it’s more prudent to wait? It is a question that small companies often asks itselfs.

Problem with small companies in relation to this is that they are usually afraid to take the risk. They have their own way of handling things and for now it works well. Those who know that without risk you can’t win, embrace technology much faster because they know that it will pay off.

Based on my conversations with our clients, I agree that the companies that choose to invest in the latest technological tools definitely see a return on their investment when it comes to revenue. I think businesses that have chosen to adopt mobile field service technology provide a prime example of that.

No matter if you’ve got 2 technicians or 3000, having a mobile solution that’s easy to use and quick for your employees to navigate can immediately add value to a small business. Because what’s one of the most important things that small businesses can do to improve their financial stability and outlook? Get bills out faster. Small businesses also need to make sure they get payment for everything they do, and that they’re not in payment disputes.

Using a mobile solution can help businesses dramatically increase the speed with which a company is able to get bills out the door. And the faster a bill is in the hands of the customer, the more likely they are to pay it without argument. That’s because the memory of the work – and the need for it – is still fresh in their minds.

While mobile is one of the more recent technological advances to hit the field service world, new innovations are always just around the corner. I would like for all field service companies to stay informed about the latest technologies available in their industries.

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