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While you may think competition is good for motivating your team, some experts say it’s not worth your time. Serving your customers should be the primary focus of your business. Beating other businesses shouldn’t be a goal, it should be a byproduct of your success.

There is a small group of people that can respect this rule and not think about their competitors. On the other side for many of us competitors are one of the most scary things that are on our mind when we start a new business.

So what can we do? We can give up or take a chance and try to beat our competition the best way we can. There are many ways to struggle but there are just a few moves which will guarantee the victory. They are good because they don’t focus on finding your competition weak spots, but instead giving you tips at how to be the best at what you do. Here are some of them:

Unique brand personality

If you don’t have the big marketing dollars, use creativity to develop a fun and irreverent brand personality that resonates with your consumers. Say things that your competitors won’t, connect directly with your fans on social media, and engage your customers in a fun way.

Focus on you

Instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing,you have to focus on your own key performance indicators and how you can create internal competitions among your staff to improve them.Your primary goal should be you not the competitor.

Technology – Yes !

Your competitors sell the same products and services they have for years–sometimes long after they have become obsolete. But you can take a different approach and take advantage of new technology before it becomes mainstream, and you can even predict how it will change your business.You do this by build strong relationships with your partners, which allows you to learn about and sometimes influence new technological developments early on.

Break tradition

Don’t make a lot of rules like everybody else. Allow your customer as much freedom as you can and let them use your product the way they want. We are all different, don’t judge!

Don’t compete on price

Eager to attract customers, many small businesses feel the only way they can compete in their industry is to undercut the competition on price. Everyone falls into the same trap. The price is low, you have a lot of customers, everything seems great, but still you are losing a lot of money. So this is not the way you want to go. After all, in a saturated market, someone will always be able (or willing) to absorb a lower cost than you. Find your own and personalised way to stand out of crowd.

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