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Service and support teams form a basis of each service business and we all know that people make company a success. Take a look at Google as the brightest example, how much money and effort does it invest in Googlers’ wellbeing? You need to know where to invest to bring about the best of your employees’ potential. In order to push the limits of their achievements, creativity and passion, which, in turn, reflects on the quality of the service you provide, you need to ensure prime working conditions and give them the tools that will maximise their effectiveness and productivity.

So, how do you turn your service and support cost center to a value and revenue creator?

By reducing the costs and maximising productivity. And how do you reduce costs and maximize productivity in a short period of time? You introduce a software that can help you and your employees make the best out of your existing resources and create more value and revenue by enabling you to provide an informed service and support.

What do we mean when we say an informed service and support and how can a software help your employees achieve this?

A field service management software is your pool of knowledge, compiled by your team, providing clear and immediate insight into what’s going on in your company to each and every one of your employees at any given place or time. As it is cloud-based, your field service staff, as well as your in-house support team, can access the information on your customers and all previous services whenever they need them. In order to deliver premium service your service and support team need to know your customers well and the more customers you have the less your team is likely to know them. While when using a software or mobile app in the field, they can obtain any information necessary to perform a service and delight a customer in a fraction of a second. Speed, reliance and increased performance of your staff is what saves you pennies and brings value to your business.

Moreover, a field service management software can help you streamline your operations and introduce better control over your workforce, without the need to be strict or rigid with too many rules. The only rule they need to follow is to populate the software with work records after they finish each job. Work records will carry information like who worked on which job, for how long, which materials were used and what was the cost of a service to you and to customer. By knowing that everyone can enter their work records and check their work, employees tend to be more responsible and caring. While this saves you many nerves and establishes a well-functioning system, it also gives you an advantage of being able to extract relevant statistics on which you can base your calculations and plan the future with no fear, constantly reinventing your service and increasing your customers lifetime value.

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