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Do you find it easy to coordinate your office and field staff? If your team makes more than 10 people, I guess your answer would be: no! The biggest issue that most field service businesses face is how to deliver the right people, parts and knowledge to the point of service. When your team and business start to grow and expand, it becomes increasingly hard to have the situation under control. This is the point when you either make it or break it. In order for you to have higher chances to make it, there are a couple of things you could do.

First and foremost, get a field service management software to help you stay organised and in control. Second, ask your employees to use their smart phones or buy them tablets to boost their use of the business managing app while working with customers in the field. By implementing a software or an app as your company’s core managing tool, you will establish a centralized source of information and power. Once everybody’s up and running with their tablets and know how to use the app (which is incredibly simple and intuitive to use) – you can get down to polishing the important things and this is how you can organize your business to best answer the requirements of your service and your company’s policy:

  1. Establish a knowledge foundation. Make your field service management application your main point of reference for everything that happens inside and outside your office. Populate your app with the information about your warehouse and inventory items, your gear and equipment, so that everybody knows where any of the equipment is at a given moment and who is using it. Create clear timetables for each employee and schedule their work according to your insight into the priorities and tasks.
  1. Determine the values & best practices. Think of the rules that will determine the desirable behaviours inside your company. They need to be clearly communicated to each and every employee, along with rewards and punishments that will ensue anybody who violates them. Make sure that these rules and goals are realistic and not too oppressing for your staff because happy staff produces quality work.
  1. Empower your frontline field staff. Deliver the right people with the right skills and the right values to the point of service. As I said earlier, mobility is a critically enabling solution in this respect. By having a centralised system which could be accessed anytime, anywhere – your technicians will always know what to do and how to do it, based on previous services, information about equipment and customers and the best practices.
  1. Measure the effectiveness, improve continuously. Your field staff should be encouraged to feed the system with work logs. Work logs are standardized reports on the work done. Your field staff needs to report the tasks they performed in each delivered service, how long did it take and which equipment and materials were used. This can be done in a few simple clicks as all services, spare parts and equipment are already present in the system. Your customers are then asked to put their electronic signature on the detailed explanation of the service they received (worklog) and you can derive the invoice from it automatically, thus saving time and money on the accountant’s work.

By combining all these instruments and tactics, you will ensure the necessary transparency and consistency in your service, making the most out of every contact with a customer, strengthening collaboration among your field staff, improving workforce utilisation and reducing the billing cycle times.

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