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Customer portal has been a trending topic in the discussions we had with our clients recently. Due to that we have decided to write a blog post about it. If you want to know more about it and the benefits it provides to our clients keep reading.

When we first thought about developing a customer portal we were working on an in house maintenance solution which has a portal for employees to submit tickets and request for maintenance. That is when we thought, why don’t we give the same privilege to service providers and their clients?

You will give your client a freedom to submit service request online, not depending on your working hours, and beside that he can continue the discussion with you online, see all the previous services you have provided to him, check his paying balance and leave a feedback. From a client’s perspective this sounds great, but what it brings to your company?

First of all ability to increase a recurring revenue. If you give your clients a channel to submit client’s request whenever it suites them, you increase a chance to be hired again. We must not forget that they first need to be satisfied with your service. One of our clients printed out nice business cards with his company details on one side and login details for clients portal on the other. Whenever he performed a service to a new client he gave them that card. His recurring revenue increased by 40%! Beside the advantages that technology gives you, you need to be creative to take the most of it.

We always read how having client’s feedback is the most valuable resource for learning and promoting our business. Having a satisfied client testimonial on our website or promotional material will give our business a higher chance of acquiring new clients. Customer portal enable your clients to leave feedback on your performed work online, whenever they feel comfortable doing it. This can be another way to engage them with your company. Also feedback is a great way to learn about things that you are doing good, and the ones that you are not. Prepare a strategy on how to turn an unsatisfied client into a happy one.

Few things that stay as hidden benefits of the customer portal are documented communication between client and company, ability for client to validate a performed work by signing a work log online and much appreciated transparency of work performed between client and the company.

But we must be aware that customer portal isn’t a solution for all types of businesses. If you don’t look to increase a recurring revenue due to the type of the service you provide, and you don’t see a value in customer feedback than it isn’t for you. You won’t be able to experience its full value and benefits it brings in.

We developed FieldSkill with owners of small service business in mind. How to help them to perform their services quicker and better, and provide exceptional client experience is mission. This is where technology meets business and gives you the most proficient tools, the rest is up to you.

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